Location: Civilised: Colorado (protected by Norad). Western Style: New Mexico and Texas. No Man's Land: Oklahoma and Kansas


-NCR (weak)
NCR was the powerhouse in earlier days, but the battle for ground between them, the Enclave and the #leading faction# along with the need to defend the dam forced them to fall back and give up alot of land. They exist only in a tiny force trying in vain to hunt the remaining Enclave and fight back against the more powerul #leading faction#

-Enclave, (weak, Roswell)
Cowering in fear from the NCR inside the military base in Rodswell, New Mexico. They have no idea that the NVCR have fallen back to defend the Dam in the MJ.

-FoA (weak)
In couple of town in the western area, no real presence.

-CL (No Man's Land)
Trapped and cut off for a long time from the forces in the MJ and pushed away from their land, they beleive that the rest of the legion will return one day in force to save them. They do not know much of the happenings in the MJ and still think that Josh is the Legate

Scattered everywhere except for Colorado

-#Leading Faction
"I think the big faction should also be in Houston or(/and) Austin Texas, dealing with the Western-Style faction from one direction and something else from the other direction Showing that the faction also has it's downsides" -Chris
Race is mixed between human, muties and ghouls, although the higher you go through the chain of command the "purer" they get; starting with ghouls. going thorugh supermutants and ending with humans at the top. Based heavily in Dallas, Texas/Fort Worth.
Attacked from the North by BoS and the west by #Western Faction#
Also at Colorado in force. Humans came out of the NORAD base in the MT shortly after the great war, ghouls came out of the more exposed town baised base. Supermutants would have come from a Med-Tek facility, who pre-war experiented with FEV. When the bombs started to fall, Med-Tech scientists esposed themself to FEV in order to surivive the atomic hell they knew was coming, their exposure to the nightkin strain of FEV-II which naturally left them with less damage to their mentality. Om top of which, their willingness to mutate inorder to survive left them less paranoid and obsessed with hiding and thus retained most of their senses and sanity, as a whole they're all smarter than the average mutant, with some reaching or exceeding human intelligence.

Very weak, not many left. Were based in missile silos in No-Man's Land but attacks from NCR and other factions lead them to blow it up, ruining what remained in No Man's Land and killing most of their forces

-#Western Faction#
Based in Texas and New Mexico